Mes Arts and Science College | Code Of Conduct
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Code Of Conduct

MES Arts & Science College took its birth as MES Women’s College in 2005 to cater to the educational needs of women society. In 2016, the College transformed into a mixed college which combines both boys and girls.

This has expanded its horizons to give admission for both boys and girls in response to the increasing demands for giving opportunities to the students of both sexes for better and higher education. This college got affiliated to the Calicut University in 2012 and since its beginning in 2005 has taken utmost care and spared no pains to see that the cultural and educational standards of the students seeking education here are maintained at impeccably high standard. Even at the outset and immediately after getting the affiliation to Calicut University the college has been able to bring out excellent results both in academic and cultural fields. The management is planning to start more and more degree subjects. With the whole hearted co-operation from the management and a team of well trained and dedicated teachers the college proposes to march ahead in future to higher standards of academic excellence.

The college is registered under MUSLIM EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY (REGD) – (MES) Calicut, Kerala, India which is one of the biggest educational agency in India having thousands of life members and hundreds of institutions.

Brief History of College

MES Arts and Science College Pattambi, is one of the best self-financing colleges of Muslim Educational Society in Kerala. MES Arts and Science College took its birth as MES Women’s College in 2012 to cater the educational needs of women in society especially backward communities. The college has expanded its horizon to give admission to both boys and girls in response to the increasing demand for giving opportunities to the students of both sexes for better and higher education in 2016, and shifted to its own building from a rented building, situated 5 km away from the Pattambi town on the side of Pattambi-Perinthalmanna state highway. The campus spread out in a hilly stretch surrounded by greenery, is a sure sight of delight for a lover of nature.

Our Vision

The guiding vision of the college is to be one among the leading centres of higher education
and holistic development of the individual through dissemination of knowledge.

Our Mission

  • To strive continuously, to maintain and improve quality standards in all curricular and co-curricular activities creating a benchmark for excellence.
  • To promote higher education and improve the standard and quality of education among the people in general, minorities and backward classes in particular.

Our Vision

To become a Progressive Educational Institution and strive to provide world class education. that is, intellectual, moral and physical, to students of all communities and also to include in them, a sense of patriotism in order to prepare them to live and act as useful citizens of the country. To provide effective learning environments where learners learn with joy and involvement leading to enduring understanding and self-discovery.

Our Mission

To provide all round development and training  generations of students who are competent to carry out various functions of nation-building, to equip them with value based education and training, to empower them with positive qualities and qualifications, to promote research activities and social outreach activities, and to ensure excellence in education and related activities for a better nation and the world.

Our Motto

Discipline in pursuit of knowledge and to produce students who will in future be useful to the religion, nation and family.

Our Curriculum

As an affiliated College, MES Arts and Science College has adopted choice based credit semester system (CUCBCSS) at the under graduate level. The curriculum is for three years for all the undergraduate courses. The duration of the semester is 18 weeks of 5 working days each. Each 6 semester undergraduate programme has got the following courses (Papers).

  • Core Course (Main Papers)
  • Common Course (English & Language)
  • Complementary Course (Subsidiary Paper)
  • Open Course (Choice Based)

There shall be one paper in core subjects in the 5th semester. The open course shall be open to all students in the institution except the students in the parent department. The students can opt that course from any other department in the institution. Each department can decide the open course from a pool of three courses offered by the University.


Special College Bus facility is provided from the College.

Attendance & Leave

  • All students must attend the classes punctually and regularly.
  • The working day is divided into two sessions and each session into periods of one hour.
  • Attendance is taken during every class hour. Absence for any one period during the day will considered absence for half a day.
  • Students failing to attend the classes for a minimum of 75% working days of each semester will not be entitled to appear for the University Examinations.
  • No student shall be absent from a class without applying for leave.
  • In case a student requires leave she must apply to the head of the department after it is countersigned by both the parent and the tutor concerned.
  • Students unable to attend classes on medical or other reasonable grounds, have to produce application for leave signed by parents in time.
  • Students deputed to participate in zonal/ inter-zone arts/ sports/ competitions or NSS activities should submit their leave applications duly countersigned by the  lectures in charge of the programme through the class tutor not later than one week before the event.


There is a Parent Teacher Management Association in the college. Periodic class wise General Meetings are held in the college.


There is a National Service Scheme unit functioning in the college.

TC & Conduct Certificate

Students have to submit applications in the prescribed form for the issue of transfer certificate on the completion of the course. Conduct Certificates will be issued by the principal only with reference to the actual character and conduct of the student concerned during the course.


  • Students shall observe strict modesty in dress.
  • Students must be in proper college uniform and those violating the rule may invite disciplinary action including denial of attendance.
  • Uniform is compulsory for all students on all working days.

General Discipline

  • Students must observe strict discipline on the campus; behave properly to the faculty members, office and vehicle staff, fellow students and visitors.
  • The properties and equipments of the college are to be handled with extreme care. Students shall keep the campus and classrooms clean and tidy without writing on or disfiguring the walls, furniture, doors and windows.
  • Damages caused to any college property will have to be adequately compensated. Students shall not enter any classrooms other than their own.
  • Political activity is strictly banned in the campus. Unofficial student meetings, strikes and fund collections are prohibited.

Mobile Phones

Using mobile phones and camera by the students inside the campus is strictly banned. Violating this rule will invite disciplinary action including the confiscation of the mobile phones and cameras. Students are expected to maintain dignity and decorum on all occasions.


Students are warned that as per provisions for the Kerala Prohibition of Ragging Act 1998 and order of University of Calicut, ragging within or outside the college is strictly prohibited and will be treated as a criminal offence. If any student is found guilty on the parameters of the law of ragging, she shall be punished for 2 years imprisonment along with fine. Any students convicted of an offence under Section 4 of the Act shall be dismissed from the Institution and such students shall not be admitted in any other educational institutions for a period of 3 years from the date of order of such dismissal.

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50% of the seats will be filled by the University in Merit Quota. And the rest 50% of the seats will be filled in the Management Quota.