Mes Arts and Science College | Department Of Physics
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Department Of Physics

Department Profile

Department of physics started functioning in the year 2022.The department offers undergraduate programme Bachelor of Physics(B Sc Physics) with Mathematics and Chemistry as complementary papers and the department offers physics as complimentary paper for B Sc Food Technology programme .B Sc physics programme sanctioned with strength of 24 students


To build a foundation to excellence and encourage the development of the institution as a premier institution by igniting and promoting enthusiasm, interest and passion in the study of physics.


  • To awaken the young minds and discover their talents both in theory and in practical Physics, through dedication to teach, commitment towards student and innovative institutional methods like PPT and visual aids.
  • To support the developmental activities of the college and make the department vibrant.
  • To organize and sustain efficient operating system in the department of realization of our objectives as institution of eminence and international; standards.
  • To develop the strategy in the department for continuous improvement

Programme Offered

B.Sc Physics

No. of seats: 29
Course Stream: Graduate

Our Faculties


Qualification: M.Sc, B.Ed
Teaching Experience : 1 Year

Ms. Babitha V M


Qualification: M.Sc Maths, B.Ed
Teaching Experience : 4 Months

Ms. Sruthy K

Assistant Professor


Internal Marks

Internal marks are a crucial aspect of a student’s academic journey. They reflect continuous assessment, gauging understanding and progress beyond exams, offering a holistic evaluation of knowledge.